WONDER`S                     Australian Labradoodle

Welcome to get to know this wonderful breed !

We breed Australian Labradoodles. 

NOT Labradoodles. (Labradoodles are labrador and poodle crosses.)

Our dogs are multigenerational Australian Labradoodles from carefully selected lines
Our goal is to breed Australian Labradoodles, who meet the breed standard; are healthy, well structured and who have correct coats and temperaments. 

Their temperaments are suitable for working as therapy or assistance dog and also for pet dog purposes.

We are living in the countryside and have plenty of room for our dogs to roam and play on our big yard. Our dogs are part of our family. They are much loved and carefully cared family pets who share our lives.
We walk daily with our dogs in the woods , where they get to sniff for interesting smells. In that way they are getting both brain work and physical activity. our dogs are also doing obedience exercises and much more for getting more brain work.

Puppies are born and growing in the middle of our family, which has important significance in the socialization prosess. They Get used to normal , family life sounds and are in interaction with adults , children and other dogs.
Puppies can go outdoors when they are 3-5 weeks (depending on weather) . In that way they can practice balancing and toddle on uneven cliffs and exploring nature.


Koirien luonnollinen ja lajityypillinen ruokinta on raakaruokinta-ohjaaja kolutuksen myötä yksi meidän kiinnostuksen kohteista jalostustyössämme. Pidämme mm. ruokintainfoja pennunostajille. Koirien ruokintaneuvontaa myös muille koiran omistajille.

Our breeding dogs are health-tested and
all breeding dogs have been found to be healthy for hips, ecsellent, good or fair (by OFA). A or B (by the Finnish Kennel Club, FCI), 

Elbows: 0/0

Patellas: 0/0,  

Spine: normal

ECVO eye examination, normal

DNA tests, parentage profile and DM, EIC, IC, PRA ja vWD.

We are breeder members in WALA.   https://www.wala-labradoodles.org/

We are members of Suomen australianlabradoodle yhdistykseen.   https://www.australianlabradoodleyhdistys.fi/