Welcome to Wonder`s Australian Labradoodles


 Welcome to meet this adorable breed!

We breed Australian Labradoodles
Not ”labradoodles”, Labrador and Poodle mixes !


We breed healthy dogs with a structure and coat typical to this breed.

 These dogs will be suitable as pets or as for instance assistance dogs.

Our dogs are a part of our family, getting the love and care that every dog needs. The dogs are with us almost everywhere and all the time. They can run freely in our big garden. Daily we walk in the woods where the dogs can practice their sense of smell. We offer them plenty of exercise and brainwork.
The puppies are born and raised in the “middle of our family” where they get used to noises, have the possibility to be together with family members and of course other dogs too. The puppies are allowed to go outside when they reach the age of 3-5 weeks (depending on the weather of course). Outside they will for instances learn how to balance on the rocks and explore other secrets of the nature.

Our breeding dogs are fully health tested:
Hips, knees, elbows and eyes are being tested. DNA tests are also made.

The first Australian Labradoodles came to Finland in the turn of the 1990-2000’s

Even though the breed isn’t still officially recognized it charms people with its adorable looks, happy appearance and easy character.

This breed is allergy friendly but NOT completely allergy friendly. However, many with allergies can tolerate the Australian Labradoodle quite well, without any allergic reactions.

If you think an Australian Labradoodle could have a place in your heart and home, please contact us and tell us about yourselves and what kind of plans you have for your future dog. The Australian Labradoodles are happy, social and intelligent dogs. They have energy to do almost anything (agility, obedience, rescuing). They have incredible learning skills so it is easy to teach them new things. However, please note that you cannot get a bodyguard from the kind Australian Labradoodle.

There are three different sizes of Australian Labradoodles: mini, medium and standard. There is also two different coats: fleece and wool.

We are a member of:

ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Assosiation of America)

Suomen Australian Labradoodle ry (www.australianlabradoodleyhdistys.fi) 

 MDBA (Master Dog Breeders and Associates


A dog influences us in many different ways. There are many children and adults who have different kind of diseases, mental issues and disabilities. According to researches petting and interacting with a dog lowers the blood pressure and raises the “happy hormones” in your body. The Australian Labradoodle is very suitable as a therapy dog. As the breed is quite allergy friendly you can bring these dogs into hospitals, day care centres, children’s homes…
Are you working in social services, health care, educational sector and interested in an allergy friendly therapy dog? Dreaming of an assistance dogs, support dogs or hearing dogs? Please contact us and we will discuss more.

A hypo alert dog is trained to provide alerts to their diabetic owners when their blood sugar levels start to become too low or sometimes too high. Thanks to their incredible sense of smell these dogs can tell just by smelling on the owners skin if the blood sugar is too low or too high. According to research these dogs can alert before the owner starts noticing something is wrong. There are about twenty trained hypo alert dogs in Finland. The Australian Labradoodle is very suitable for missions like this. At the moment there are a few Australian Labradoodles graduating to become a hypo alert dog.
Please contact us if you are interested in a hypo alert dog.